About the project

The Secrets of Biblioland is an educational interactive game designed to support undergraduate and postgraduate students in understanding issues in relation to the nature, development and role of information resources and libraries, the importance of referencing, the construction of bibliographies and issues on plagiarism.

The game also aims to develop information literacy skills and awareness of the historical developments of scholarship, the role of libraries and knowledge repositories, the value of literature research, cataloguing resources, using libraries and searching engines, appropriate referencing.

Students/gamers are presented with challenges to overcome and advice to seek from the game characters in order to follow a trail of referencing and information resources, select relevant literature, reference a variety of sources and finally solve the secret of Biblioland

The Secrets of Biblioland project has been supported by:

  • ESCalate, The Higher Education Academy: Subject Centre for Education.
  • The Learning & Teaching Projects Fund - The Centre for Academic Professional Development (CAPD) - London Metropolitan University.







Play the game. Click on the Biblioport icon.

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