The Game

The gamer plays as a student embarking on an adventure to seek the "lost reference".
The in-game journey takes the gamer/learner through a number of fantasy libraries - each library constituting a level in the game.

At each level the player encounters a librarian character that releases information on condition that the player successfully completes a mini-game.
On completion of the mini-game the player gets additional information about how to progress and also unlocks learning materials about the historical role of libraries, referencing, issues about plagiarism and the future of libraries and knowledge repositories.

In the Plagiarism Cellar the player is tempted into taking short cuts and plagiarise the lost reference.
At the completion of the game the player finally finds the lost reference to be placed in the "Essay of Knowledge" and unlocks the final prize.


plagiarism game level

The Plagiarism Cellar where you meet Dave the Deluded

The game start

This is Axel, member of the Fellowship of the Seekers








Play the game. Click on the Biblioport icon.

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